When you open a checking or savings account, take out a loan or otherwise plan for your financial future with Citizens Deposit Bank, you are also supporting the community we’re all proud to call home.

How? Glad you asked!

When you choose to open an account with a community bank, the money you put into that account stays in the community. This isn’t the case for larger national banks.

Boosting the Local Economy

Community banks are a boon for the local economy. Some might even say that community banks are the cornerstone of a healthy local economy. Having your checking or savings account in a community bank, like Citizens Deposit Bank, enables small business owners to take out the loans they need to open new businesses or improve their existing ones.

New businesses mean more job opportunities for community residents. More places for community members to spend money locally, like shopping or eating at local restaurants, generate tax revenue that will help bolster the community.

The more that cycle can exist within the community, the better for all!

We’re Willing to Take A Chance

If you’ve ever tried to take out a loan, you know how intimidating it can be. There are many questions, lots of paperwork, and a significant time commitment needed to even apply for a loan!

At Citizens Deposit Bank, we know each transaction is unique. And we know, sometimes, all you need is a chance to prove you’re worth the risk.

We go out of our way to work with our customers to help them achieve their dreams and secure their financial future. We want our community to thrive. We get more opportunities to take a chance when others might only see risk. Because we know every small business loan, every home loan and every personal loan has a positive impact on our community.

We do all we can to help you achieve your dreams when a national bank might simply say “no.”

Supporting Our Students

At CDB, we’re not just invested in our community now, we want to support our community so that it may have a bright future. We believe our future lays in the hands of students. We work very hard to help support local students in any way we can.

We offer scholarship opportunities for high school students, and we also work to fill financial gaps in local schools. Whether we give to support any educational program or help fund a back to school drive to collect supplies, we’re eager to help our future community members get the education they deserve.

We are also proud to offer our School Spirit Cards as a free debit card option for your checking account. With every purchase you make* with your school’s Spirit Card, a percentage of the transaction will be donated to a local school system. Once a year, we present each school with the sum of those donations.

In 2021, CDB donated $13,500 to our local schools and overall, we’ve donated more than $30,000 through this program!

*Credit transactions only. Learn more here.

Good Community Stewards

We want to serve and give back in whatever way we can. Big or small, every act matters, because it’s working to support the community that has given so much to us.