We’re looking for two seniors from Ballard Memorial High School to join our Teen Marketing Partner Program! 

Deadline to apply: August 1
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This program includes a $500 scholarship and is a great resume’ booster for those college/scholarship applications. Throughout the year you’ll attend at least five meetings alongside your Carlisle and Hickman county Teen Marketing Partners, as follows: 
Teen Marketing Partners
  • Orientation – This first meeting will serve as an overview of the Teen Marketing Partner program for the coming year.

  • Professional Development – This will be one of three “focus meetings” in which we will highlight career skills, and interpersonal relationships.

  • Marketing – This meeting will focus on the importance of networking and basic marketing.

  • Community Service – During this meeting, we will explain the importance of giving back to the local community.

  • Final Luncheon – We will end the program with a final luncheon and recap your team’s year of service.

You will hear from a variety of speakers during each meeting that contribute to your growth as a leader & professional. You will also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of community service events and quarterly projects to apply the skills learned in each meeting.

Upon completion of the program, Teen Marketing Partners will be awarded a $500 scholarship to the post-secondary institution they plan to attend. The scholarship will be awarded at each student’s Senior Awards Program.

Only requirements are:

  • Be a high school student from Ballard Memorial going into the 11th or 12th grade
  • Have social media accounts
  • Be available to attend appropriate meetings
  • Commit to posting responsibly on your personal pages (no bullying or inappropriate photos or messages)

We are excited to hear from you as we finalize our selection of the CDB Teen Marketing Partners for the 2022-2023 school year!

Apply below today!

*NOTE: the Carlisle and Hickman County Marketing Partners have already been chosen for the year. We have extended the deadline for Ballard Memorial students to apply through August 1st.

If you’d prefer, you can print this document and then email the completed form to  or drop it off at any CDB location by August 1.

Download Printable Form (PDF)