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Why Do Teens Need a Checking Account?


  • Getting your first job? Your employer may use direct deposit for payroll. (It’s also the quickest way to get paid!) But, you’ll need to have a checking account to get it set up. 
  • Want to cash your paper check? You’ll need an account for that, too. Or, you could just keep asking your parents to do it for you. 
  • No matter your reason, 18+ is too late. You want to spend your teen years learning how to manage your money before you add student loans, monthly expenses and living on your own to your financial worries. Right now, you have a little room to make a few mistakes and learn the importance of the money you spend and save.  
  • It’s the first step toward reaching your goals. You may want to open a savings account, buy a car, take out a student loan, and much more. You’ll need a checking account and a strong financial record to continue meeting your goals.
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How do you get a checking account/debit card?


  • Talk to your parents. Until you turn 18, one of them will need to be on your account.
  • Then, you’ll want to stop by any CDB location to open your account. (We promise, it’s quick and easy!) 
  • Choose your school’s mascot for your debit card. (Purchases using your card help your school!) 
  • Sign up for online banking so you can see your accounts, move money, pay bills and more, all from a browser or phone app. Once you have an account set up, you can register for online banking here. 
  • Download the Citizens Deposit Bank Mobile App for Android or Apple devices so you can set up alerts and manage all of your money from your phone.

Hear from the 2023-2024 Teen Marketing Partners about Teen Checking

Jackson Williams

Carlisle County High School

Jackson is currently a Senior at Carlisle County High School. He is a member of FFA, FBLA, FCC, & SOS. He also plays Varsity Basketball. After graduation, Jack plans to attend Murray State University to pursue a degree in Business.

Hailey Jackson

Hickman County High School

Hailey is a senior at Hickman County High School. She is involved in numerous clubs & activities including Educators Rising, Teen Action Group, along with being on the Volleyball team. After high school, Hailey plans to attend Murray State University to pursue a degree in Education.

Daniel Meinschein

Ballard Memorial High School

Daniel is an active senior at Ballard Memorial High School who is involved in FFA, FBLA, & Beta Club along with varsity Football. After graduation, Daniel plans to attend Murray State University.

Sarah Kate Wilson

Carlisle County High School

Sarah is currently a senior at Carlisle County High School. She is involved in several clubs and activities including Student Council, FFA, FBLA, FCC, S.O.S, & Beta Club. After high school, she plans to attend either Murray State University or UTM to major in Early Education.

Aidan Newton-Byassee

Hickman County High School

Aidan is a junior at Hickman County High School. He is an active member of many clubs & activities including FBLA, FFA, Stem Club, Beta Club, & FCA.

Allison Enfinger

Ballard Memorial High School

Allison is currently a Senior at Ballard Memorial High School. She is involved in several clubs and activities, including FFA, FBLA, Volleyball, & Softball. After graduating BMHS, Allison plans on attending Murray State University to major in Agribusiness.

Parents, here’s what your teens want you to know:


  • They learn best from experience.

    “What I probably want my parents to know about navigating money on my own is just to help me, honestly. I’ve made money since I was 14 and I have navigated most of it on my own. I’ve been able to spend my money as I wanted to and save my money as I wanted to. But I still need their help for things like big purchases.”

    – Allison

  • A parent’s guidance is a wonderful asset.

    “I would want my parents to know, as I navigate my money on my own, that I know what I’m doing to a point, but their help is still extremely appreciated because I still don’t know what I’m doing fully. But they are my parents and I do appreciate everything they’ve done for me.”

    – Hailey 

  • Don’t let the confidence fool you, they appreciate your help!

    “Something I want my parents to know as I navigate money on my own is even though I might act like I know everything about it, I definitely still need their help.”

    – Sarah