Caring, dependable banking.

At Citizens Deposit Bank, you’re connected with friends who care and partner with you to create a secure financial future.

Brand Voice

CDB sounds humble, classy and is more concerned with doing things out of the kindness of their heart, instead of for publicity. Our words and actions hopefully reflect back on the great people and organizations that we work with and for. We aren’t flashy, unless we’re celebrating our customers achievements or the good work local non-profits/schools do.

CDB is a PART of our customer’s story. We don’t want to BE the story.



Full Color

Use this version of the logo whenever practical.

CDB 1-color Logo

Monochrome Black

Use this version of the logo when color is limited by production.

CDB 1-Color Logo

One Color

When the logo needs to be printed in one color on a light background, use red.

CDB 1-color reversed logo

One-Color Reversed

When the logo needs to be printed on a dark background, use white.

Logo Usage

CDB Logo Spacing Guidance

The logo should have adequate clear space on all sides so it does not appear crowded by text or images.

CDB Logo Guidance

Do not distort the logo, change the transparency, use non-brand colors for the logo, or display the logo over a busy background.

Examples of Correct Usage

Examples of Correct Logo Usage

Brand Colors


PMS 202

HTML #862633

CMYK 1/98/58/44


PMS 465

HTML #b9975b

CMYK 13/31/63/12


Main Copy

Open Sans

Decorative/Headline only